SuperLinka is a great number-oriented game experience played on a matrix where players try to avoid hot spots, finish on their SuperWin number to get a prize multiplier, and collect links to make prizes.

Customization: The stakes, prizes, matrix style and shape, the number of links and hot spots can all be customised to change the game play, the odds of winning, and to meet the exact game feature requirements of gaming operators.

Our talented teams and our distribution partners plan to release a new HTML5 omni-channel game title every month, each of which are presently localised into 15 languages.

Finally, try playing the games in our gallery to understand that SuperLinka re-energises number gaming products by allowing players to collect links turning them into prizes and like a slot gives you features to multiply your prizes

How it Works as an on-line 5x5 square grid

How it Works in Retail on a 4x4 grid