SpinLinka™ is a new product for end 2017.

SpinLinka will deliver SuperLinka games on a 5x5 grid but designed to emulate a Slots game; the game play area will randomise by spinning each column, exactly like a slot game, which when they stop, will reveal the 5x5 grid.

SpinLinka games have multiple prize points providing players with numerous ways to win, for example, 20x to 50x a player’s stake. Later versions will include high prize games using insurance to cover the top prizes, or have rollover jack-pot features. They will be omni-channel suitable for interactive online and gaming machine use.

A slots style game that will deliver to players a full transparency of outcomes, so players can understand why they win.

In this targeted application, from a comparatively small set of numbers or symbols fully used in each game (e.g. a 5x5 SpinLinka game using 25 numbers/symbols in total inclusive of ‘wild’ symbols and a ‘focal’ 3x3 area in the centre), the odds and prize profiles from SpinLinka games can be set to match or significantly exceed all recognized big prize slot games. As a comparison the odds of winning the top prize in Megabucks (a standard 3 reel jackpot slot game developed by IGT), which has its top winning odds of 1 in 64 million, a minimum seeded top prize of $10 million and a biggest win to date of $39.7 million achieved in 2003.

SpinLinka games will deliver to players’ full transparency in that all the numbers or symbols used are in view when the results of each SpinLinka game are determined, as all numbers or symbols are shown on the interactive play screen. In contrast modern day slots have multiple reels (up to 5 or 6) with each reel having a number of stops (generally from 20 up to 50, but can be up to 256 stops) and of these stops generally only 3-5 stops per reel are shown on the interactive slot screen. Accordingly, the vast majority of each reel’s stops remain hidden from player view - meaning that it is beyond the scope of almost every slot player to try and reverse engineer payouts or to understand fully everything that is going on.

SpinLinka will deliver to its players a transparent and understandable ‘final’ outcome.