A new product for H2 2016 BingoLinka is our new 3-in-1 game, a race towards completing the pattern to win the LINKA community pot, collect links to climb the prize ladder or trigger the 'of a Kind' feature for instant prizes.

BingoLinka's attraction is 4 cards for one entry fee and that all numbers are drawn on the grid, as our games are about collecting and completing patterns unlike traditional Bingo and Lotto products.

Game Features

  • Bingo Race Prize - which is to clear the pattern for a community or fixed large prize
  • All numbers are drawn unlike Bingo, Keno or Lotto
  • Link Prizes - collecting links across all cards
  • Instant Prizes - features such as 3 or 4 of a kind, free games, or prize multipliers

Each entry comprises a set number of cards – entry fee is configurable depending on the market. Results of the game are determined by a random draw of all the numbers. Each of the cards are scored – wins occur in 3 ways.

Three Types of Prizes:

  • Bingo Race Prize: A Bingo prize is won in a race against others (multi-player), or against the draw (sole-player). Then, in each case, the game carries on and the draw of all the numbers is completed, and the following further prizes can be won
  • Link Prizes: Each Card that achieves 10 Links or more, wins a link prize. Each of the cards can win a link prize
  • Instant Prizes: – Any entry having multiple cards with the same number of links e.g. any 3 or 4 Cards with the same number of links, provided that those links are 9 links or less, will win an instant prize.