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Strategic Partnership with Sigma Games

Link2Win announces strategic game development partnership with Sigma Games

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App Subscription Revenue

The secret sauce for a successful mobile game?

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Lidl Social Price Drop

Would Lidl’s Social Price Drop idea work in gaming?

Supermarket chain Lidl has cottoned on to this mood by introducing an innovative idea for Christmas: The Lidl Social Price Drop

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Payment Apps

Are lotteries and gaming organisations missing out on payment apps?

Specific own-brand payment apps are now more popular than Apple Pay and Android Pay

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Ban Advertising

What if gambling adverts in the UK were banned?

TV adverts promoting gambling could soon be outlawed

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Instagram’s new shopping features

Instagram’s new shopping features offer benefits for lottery and B2B product marketing

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Recruitment: Don’t gamble, get smart

Every gaming company wants to hire individuals with the right balance of talent and industry experience

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iLotto needs to embrace mobile apps

Consumer interaction via mobile devices has transformed the retail sector

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Link2Win announces partnership with Iforium

Link2Win's ‘Linka’ games made available directly via Iforium’s Gameflex casino platform

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Brexit could provide boost for lottery market

Brexit referendum creating more uncertainty

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3 reasons why you need i-lotto products

The global expansion lottery markets

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