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iLotto needs to embrace mobile apps

  • 10-Jan-2017

Consumer interaction via mobile devices has transformed the retail sector

The massive increase in consumer interaction via mobile devices has transformed the retail sector, and it has the potential to do the same for the iLotto industry. Today, iLotto operators need to be aware that players in their everyday lives aren't going mobile – they’ve already gone mobile. The massive uptake of mobile and tablet devices as a player’s ‘first screen’ is not a region specific behaviour either, it’s global. Both mobiles and tablets can now perform so many tasks, and are such an integral part of everyday life, that I truly believe now is the time for iLotto to embrace mobile and reap the benefits an app can bring for player consumerism and retention.

Interactions are getting longer

The balance between offering web browser and app has always been a difficult question for the gaming industry over the years. Data has become an easier choice now as app stores understand the gaming industry and can target particular markets, balancing this alongside the technology improvement of the devices. Statistics show that the average period of time Android users spend using apps increased by 35% between Q1 2014 and Q1 2016 [Source:]. This significant increase was due to users being able to interact with new gameplay, watch on-demand video, and increased opportunities for online shopping.

There is no reason why the iLotto industry cannot embrace and learn from some of the great retailers which have led the way in offering apps to their customers and, as is happening in the retail sector, also reap the benefits of enhanced experiences leading to increased sales and interaction with iLotto brands. Players are increasingly turning to apps instead of mobile browsers, even though no one reason can be attributed to this behaviour change. Data from Q1 2016 revealed over 90% of an app user’s time was spent in apps, with only 10% spent in the world’s top 10 mobile browsers. [Source:]

An example in the gaming world is the growing strength of social casino, bingo, and lotto apps, which regularly appear in the monthly list of the top 10 iOS apps. We estimate that this equates to approximately $100million in monthly revenues and an average monthly audience of six million players.

Users/players also expect to contact you via mobile when engaging with your mobile experience, and they expect the app to be able to use the mobile device and its messaging features to communicate with you while they are being entertained. Facebook is one of the biggest advocates of enabling user interaction by providing the right tool at the right place and the right time.

The experience can now be the differentiator in an app’s success, and many industries are at the heart of the design using services like LINE or KoKao Talk to facilitate an active mobile customer-centric contact strategy.

Mobile for app ads

If you are about to start your journey in creating an iLotto app – or if you already have one – you need to inform your new and existing players that the app and games within it are there to play. There’s a rapidly growing trend towards mobile advertising which some sources expect to become the leading advertising channel by 2020 and overtake traditional forms of advertising, including TV. This trend can already be seen with Facebook recently noting that 82% of its ad revenues come from its mobile platform and apps.

Get in touch

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