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Strategic Partnership with Sigma Games

  • 24-Feb-2017

Link2Win announces strategic game development partnership with Sigma Games

L2W Limited (“Link2Win”) has entered into a long term strategic game development agreement with UK-based Sigma Games Limited (“Sigma Games”) for the development of its next generation of ‘Linka’ games. The next games to be developed are BingoLinka and SpinLinka, with SpinLinka having particular applications for use in the casino/slot segment of the market.

John Reid, CEO of Link2Win, said: “We’re excited to be working with Sigma Games which already has an impressive client portfolio and its founders have been responsible for some of the world’s best performing slot games, such as ‘Rainbow Riches’. They truly understand the important features and underlying math’s requirements for great game design. We look forward to working with them to create and deliver our next generation of Linka games.”

Kevin McGovern, a founding partner of Sigma Games, commented: “Link2Win has created a new gaming system which has very strong and flexible underlying core game mechanics and maths model, with multiple applications for lottery and digital gaming markets. We look forward to working with the Link2Win team to develop games that deliver engaging and satisfying player experiences.”

Link2Win is a patent-pending gaming system, which provides new number-orientated games, utilizing a new linking system that uses and fully displays a small set of numbers on a matrix grid. The games are built on a robust maths model that delivers an immersive gaming experience, where winning steps are transparent, engaging and easily understood. Links occur between numbers on the grid to create a flexible and wide ranging odds profile. The forming of links provides continuous action and engaging game play with multiple rewards and numerous near wins. Linka games are easily understood and results are fully transparent, as all numbers are ‘in play’.

Applications include numbers, lottery, bingo, casino and slots style uses. Using an open platform and HTML 5 Canvas, Linka games are fully responsive, easily adopted and can be tailored to meet the needs of online gaming operators, or the more specialised omni-channel needs of state lotteries.