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Recruitment: Don’t gamble, get smart

  • 12-Jan-2017

Every gaming company wants to hire individuals with the right balance of talent and industry experience

When recruiting, every gaming company wants to hire individuals with the right balance of talent and industry experience. This is far from easy in an environment where businesses are competing to hire the best people. However, one thing is clear: trusting gut instincts can no longer be relied upon when it comes to making major appointments, it’s now essential to use smarter recruitment methods.

Intelligent people – the key driver for success The key ingredient to the success of any company is hiring and retaining intelligent and adaptable people. In my experience, hiring collaborative people with different, but complementary, qualities has been the most important thing in the success of Link2Win. One example is the recruitment of our CIO, Chris Davies, which has directly resulted in increased productivity, improved operational service, and – ultimately – has had a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

The challenge: It’s hard to find collaborative people A major problem today is that it’s often tough to find collaborative people who add value to a business. Again, taking an example from Link2Win, we have found that the path to recruiting the right people often starts with how we use social media channels. We have a great social media audience who have a mix of gaming and tech savvy, they understand social and corporate responsibility, and are able to recommend talented individuals who can cope in this dynamic business environment. An excellent example of this is our recently appointed Account Manager for Asia, Jennifer Lee, who was recruited from within our professional network.

When hiring costs your business Using tired old hiring methods can be a big gamble and prove to be very costly, especially if your recruitment agent doesn’t understand the aims and culture of your business. A person who is recommended, or who is part of your professional network, could save you time and reduce wasting money on the hiring process. Therefore, before Link2Win opens up any role to recruitment agencies, we always ask our social network audience first.

Focus on supporting new recruits for maximum returns When successful candidates are hired, that should be viewed as only the beginning of a process to maximise their contribution to the business. At Link2Win, for example, we always focus on how we can support the new team member and ensure that we gain the maximum return on the investment which the business has made during the recruitment process.