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Instagram’s new shopping features

  • 16-Jan-2017

Instagram’s new shopping features offer benefits for lottery and B2B product marketing

Do lottery and gaming organisations understand the potential impact of recently launched Instagram shopping?

The latest buzz for many brands is Instagram’s new functionality to enhance brand awareness by more effective promotion of their products via Instagram posts. Econsultancy says that Instagram is ‘no longer just a place for celebrity selfies and FOMO-inducing travel snaps’, and makes the point that even companies such as The Financial Times are finding success on the platform, which now has 500million active monthly users. Instagram has stated that its new shopping feature is mirroring the behaviour of consumers, and it claims that more than 84% of smartphone users in the US browse, research, or compare products via a web browser or mobile app.

How does this work?

Instagram's shopping functionality does not let you directly purchase products and services. What it does do is allow product owners and marketers to offer consumers the opportunity to use the platform for product discovery, and allow brands to help their Instagram followers to understand the products or services that are currently available or new to the market.

Organisations can tag up to five products in one post associated with their Instagram brand site and, when these tags are present, the consumer will see a ‘tap to view’ icon on the post. When this icon is clicked, the products will be highlighted along with the price or commercial details.

By interacting with the selected product, the consumer can view more detailed product or service information, and those who are interested in making a digital or physical purchase can click on a ‘shop now’ icon which takes the consumer to the brand’s online presence, or shows them a bricks and mortar store location where they can make a purchase.

How could the gaming industry use these new features?

Both B2B and B2C operations need to focus on maintaining brand integrity, and be constantly vigilant regarding social responsible advertising in the industry. This new service from Instagram makes it possible to target specific products in a post. For example, imagine an update post to inform your audience of the jackpot amounts and pending draws which, as part of the post, you attach the draw/jackpots as products to drive consumers to your online presence, or to the nearest store. This same idea could be applied to in-play sports betting, bingo games, or even tournaments. In the context of B2B posting – for example the launch of a new game character – a post about the character could be tagged to related games as a product to drive the audience to the game and brand.

I believe that these new features on Instagram will help organisations to build larger audiences.

I hope this subject will prompt discussion in your organisation, just as it has at Link2Win regarding how services, products, and games can be promoted via smartphones in the future, regardless of the channel.