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3 reasons why you need i-lotto products

  • 27-Jun-2016

The global expansion lottery markets

The global lottery market is expanding. According to marketing firm Research and Markets, it is increasing at a CAGR of about 8% per annum. As Chief Operating Officer of Link2Win, here are 3 reasons why I think you need to consider i-lotto or numbers orientated products for your gambling platform or business.

Reason 1: Huge jackpots

It’s a fact, large numerical based numbers attract attention. They can stand out amongst the information overload that characterises our digital media consumed lives. Jackpots are everywhere to be won, from betting on the outcomes of lotteries, to sports predictions, the list is endless. Just look at how successful progressive slots have become. The record-breaking Mega Moolah jackpot of £13.2million, won in October 2015 by British soldier Jonathon Heywood from the United Kingdom, is just one example. You can even win €1million for this year’s UEFA Euros 2016 football tournament by correctly predicting the match results of the entire tournament. It’s no surprise really, the allure of life-changing wins from a single spin, bet, or ticket captures the imagination of us all at some time.

Reason 2: Mass market appeal

The term ‘differentiation’ may have become something of a cliché in the iGaming industry, but the reality is that differentiation can and does take many forms to allow a business to compete within its category to attract new customers, and retain existing ones. Lottery or numbers based games, by virtue that they are games of chance, simply have a much broader appeal because the participant doesn’t have to have an in-depth knowledge about what is being gambled on, as does say a poker or a sports betting gambler. Simply put, the barriers to conversion are much reduced.

Reason 3: The power of psychology

Numerous studies have been conducted into the psychology behind playing lotteries or number orientated games – and research shows that for most people this type of game fires-up the emotional side of the brain by generating a desire to win significantly large prizes. It’s a huge stimulation which can’t be ignored, and the major driving force which keeps players coming back for more, again and again. EuroMillions and America’s PowerBall jackpots are prime examples of this.

Get in touch

Hopefully, we have piqued your interest in i-lotto products. So, why should you get in touch with Link2Win? Firstly, we are a focused i-lotto products based company with unique patent-pending systems that have worldwide applications spanning many gaming categories (both online and land based) such as lottery, slots, keno, bingo, casino, and scratch cards. Secondly, our gaming portfolio includes localised hand-picked themes, new linking/play and reward features with easy to play functionality which are all designed to appeal to existing and new i-lotto players. Importantly, our games deliver consistent revenues and strong player re-engagement percentages – and we also have insured prize offerings with ‘lotto’ style winnings to further meet the demanding needs of this growing i-lotto gaming category.

And, most importantly, we aren't just another i-lotto gaming content company. We deploy our products to benefit your bottom-line, and with years of experience in bringing new products to market within the iGaming industry, our team understands the pain points, including that of on-boarding new products. With Link2Win you can be confident that we have flexibility to adapt to the needs of your business, and that we can integrate complex ecosystems and support live launches. Our team is here to make that process as easy and straightforward as possible.