WHO IS Link2Win?

A privately owned company based in the Isle of Man.

Link2Win’s Vision: To use its patent-pending gaming system to expand gaming by transforming its innovations into entertaining gaming experiences within an industry-recognised new product vertical (Linka Games), such as those that exist for Bingo, Slots, Keno, and to achieve this across multiple gaming sectors.

WHAT IS Link2Win?

New and Unique: Link2Win is a new number-orientated gaming system using unique and engaging game plays involving links; where winning steps are transparent, engaging and easily understood

Worldwide Applications: Link2Win games can be designed for multiple uses either on-demand (instant) or via scheduled games across online, mobile, retail, land-based machines, social media, and TV productions

Responsibility: Link2Win is committed to working with regulated markets, with certified games and player responsibility at the heart of the process

Capability: Link2Win has the systems, talent, technology and products to deliver globally and to meet your requirements.